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Innovation Performance offers the opportunity to enhance an organization’s performance through creativity, idea management, and a complex innovation framework.

Innovation management represents the creation of processes that aim at generating and exploiting new development opportunities. It outlines innovative ideas from two different perspectives: qualitative and quantitative, with emphasis on their efficiency and effectiveness levels, once they have been implemented.

As successful businesses constantly focus on innovative thinking, innovation performance comes as one of the best approaches in achieving highly qualitative procedures and in generating superior ideas, within the organization.

3 Key Business benefits

  • Achieve excellence in organizational performance by linking innovation data to your organizational strategy and performance objectives;
  • Ensure organizational competitiveness by designing and developing an innovation framework;
  • Attain superior results by managing innovation performance results based on measured data.


  • Develop and maintain an innovation-oriented organizational culture, by applying innovation best practices;
  • Improve internal processes and initiatives by managing the organizational innovation capability;
  • Receiving guidance and international innovation expertise on developing and implementing a successful innovation plan;
  • Gain strong competitive insights from innovation specialists’ experience and best practices examples that suit your organization’s needs;
  • Access professional recognition of innovation performance knowledge and capabilities, by obtaining the certification granted by The KPI Institute.


Learning objectives


  • Understand the fundamentals of innovation performance measurement;
  • Associate innovation objectives with the organizational strategy;
  • Learn how to design an organizational innovation framework;
  • Select the relevant KPIs and establish a monitoring process of your innovation performance;
  • Integrate innovation to other existing organizational systems;
  • Address initiatives to support innovation culture development.





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