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This course aims to improve the decision making process through a rigorous data analysis within the company, as well as to enable managers and analysts to draw insights from both quantitative and qualitative data. Participants will understand, through practical learning, how to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data for a better decision making process, based on historical data and trend analysis.

By attending this course, participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in working with data. The information will enable them to better understand the meaning of data and the insights that it reveals.

Key Business benefits

  • Achieve processes clarity and strategy optimization by implementing data analysis frameworks;
  • Optimize the performance reporting processes by closing the gaps found in the data analysis tools used within your own business;
  • Attain superior results by implementing data analysis procedures, which improve the achievement of your company’s objectives.


  • Improve the organization’s decision making process by gaining knowledge on data analysis and interpretation;
  • Obtain the most relevant data you need by setting up a customized data analysis process;
  • Achieve the management’s buy-in, by understanding the utility of implementing customized data analysis methodology in daily business activities;
  • Provide a logical framework for understanding data analysis instruments;
  • Obtain premium recognition as a Certified Data Analysis Professional, by completing a unique learning program.

Learning objectives


  • Develop a hands-on, practical overview of data analysis and connected topics;
  • Integrate statistical concepts and analysis tools that are widely used in corporate analytics environments;
  • Analyze examples of practical applications for statistical methods used in solving real-life business issues;
  • Acquire mastery of basic MS Excel and statistical techniques though practical






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