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How We

We believe that the result of any training or development intervention should show a significant return on investment, whether it is increased performance, profitability or efficiencies.


MEIRC SA delivers its programs using the participatory, experimental, learning and development approaches, where:

  1. We blend theory with practical work.We focus on case – based intervention: Program focused on implementation rather than research.
  2. Participants will formulate proven solutions for actual Leadership and Management ChallengesWe focus on active learning-based approach: Where Participants will form, lead and participate in teams
  3. Discussions, presentations and plenary sessions are involved“
  4. Learn it and use it” approach concepts are introduced, followed by a skills practice session. Where, participants conceptualize the value of the techniques and understand their applications.

Our training and development programs are structured to meet the ever changing and growing demands of  organizations and the search for new solutions to a dynamic business environment as well as evolutions in the knowledge body in every discipline.

“Invest a few words in thinking .”

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