Inhouse Training

MEIRC SA with a full range of training services and with more than 60 years of experience serving corporate clients with bespoke solutions that help their businesses to be more efficient and more profitable, offering the ultimate in convenience and value for money in-house training solutions.

Our courses are designed, developed, and tailored to be a lot more focused on topics that are relevant to the needs of your staff and organisation.

Why Choose In-House Training?

  • In-house training allows employees from different departments and levels to communicate and work together, thus encouraging teamwork.
  • Businesses can save employees time and in turn, money, as employees will not be required to travel to a training centre for the duration of the course.
  • Real life examples included, in order, to help employees apply their learned skills to real life situations more effectively.
  • Interactive training with team members can be used which is much more enjoyable and engaging for those attending.
  • Fully scalable—train individuals, teams or an entire organization