Electric and Electronics

Program TitleDurationClick to register
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Click to Register
Circuit Breakers and Switchgears: Inspection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Click to Register
Electric Motors Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Click to Register
Electrical Drawing & Wiring5Click to Register
Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers5Click to Register
Electrical Power Substation Maintenance5Click to Register
Electrical Protection System5Click to Register
Grounding and Bonding5Click to Register
High Voltage Electrical Safety5Click to Register
Motor Maintenance and Testing5Click to Register
Motors & Variable Speed Drives5Click to Register
Operation & Maintenance of Generators5Click to Register
Power Plant Safety5Click to Register
Reading Electrical Drawings5Click to Register
Transformer Maintenance5Click to Register
Troubleshooting AC/DC Motors5Click to Register
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