Pillars of our Success

Commitment to Our Client

Referrals of our clients only come when their experience exceeds their expectations and this is the minimum that MEIRC Saudi Arabia accepts.

Relationship Continuity&   Open Communication

We have worked for our major clients for more than 50 years. Our relationship is based on long-term best services provider through close attention to their evolving needs.

(Best form of communication that works is open, honest and timely.)

Commitment to Quality

At MEIRC SA we strive to find solutions not reasons for mediocrity.

The Drive to Success

All success is found as the result of commitment, hard work and willingness to move outside of one’s comfort zones.

At MEIRC SA, we push ourselves and our teammates to be the best.

MEIRC SA has conducted a variety of training programs, with the latest technologies, starting with 150 participants in training programs to more than (4000) participants yearly, and from 3 offered training programs to more than 400 programs. This fact, summarizes our journey over the past years for success, achievements, and development.