Who we are?

In 1958 MEIRC ( Middle East Industrial Relations Consultants ) was founded in Athens serving the Gulf market. In 1982, the company was fully transformed to MEIRC Saudi Arabia with full rights and privileges. During the six decades, MEIRC SA has been active in fulfilling its mission in developing Saudis and local manpower in various fields. Since Jubail is one of the most industrially and economically active sites in the Eastern Province, MEIRC SA has an integrated training center in Jubail Industrial City that meets the needs of technical training in all required categories. MEIRC SA is also proud of its contribution in raising the level of employees’ performance working in other Industrial cities in the Kingdom, improving thousands of Saudi youth. MEIRC SA helped graduates of new Technical Colleges in engaging and adapting with labor market and its requirements.

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Years of Experience,
Since 1958.



Helping you achieve
results within your budget


With genuine client
testimonials rating.


With more than 60+ years of experience Helping you achieve a perfect solution in the format, style and time you need


Always with the long term in mind, seeking to add value to our clients through strategic partner ship


We take time to understand your business and real needs.

& creativity

In our training materials
and methodologies

Deliver training

To help achieve the skills, confidence and behavioral change needed.​

Pillars of our Success

Commitment to Our Customers
Referral to our customers only comes when their experience exceeds their expectation in our training and consulting endeavor.
Relationship Continuity

MEIRC SA relationship is based on long term best practice provider through close attention to evolving needs of our clients.

Commitment to Quality
 AT MEIRC SA we make every effort to find solution up to our client expectations and nasedon our long experience.
Open Communication

The only form of communication that works is open honest and timely.

The Drive to Succeed
All success is found as the result of commitment, hard work and a willingness to move outside of one's comfort zones. At MEIRC SA, we push ourselves and our teammates to be the best

Training operation

MEIRC SA adopted 'ADDIE' model for the training operation.


To continue lead the HR training, devolving, and consulting services in KSA & GCC.


Inspire, Engage, Create, Deliver


MEIRC SA mission is to advance the art of human potential development, Through providing high quality training to managers, executives and employees with a focus on filling critical jobrelated skill gaps. MEIRC SA has a group of practitioner instructors who are subject matter experts in our core offerings.